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Attractions from South Africa

Castle of Good Hope and The African Museum (Cape Town)
The Castle of Good Hope was built between 1666 and 1679 and is one of the oldest European buildings in South Africa. The African Museum is a curious and somewhat scary place. Here you'll meet stuffed African animals of all kinds and bloodthirsty dinosaurs.
Kirtenbosch Botanical Garden (Cape Town)
Kirtenbosch Botanical Garden lies on the eastern side of Table Mountain. The garden is incredibly beautiful and idyllic. It's almost only wild plants, which grow in the garden.
Table Mountain (Cape Town)
Table Mountain is a popular attraction in Cape Town and many people choose to go there by cable car. It's an expensive ride, but worthwhile. If it's a clear day, the summit provides an excellent view and there are a lot of nice walks in the area - especially in the spring when all the flowers are blooming.
The Victorian Harbour (Cape Town)
The old Victorian harbour in Cape Town is a great draw to many tourists and citizens. Very often the place offers free entertainment and there is a wealth of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. Water sports- and shopping facilities are excellent.
Mountain Climbing and Trekking (Drakensberg)
One of the greatest attractions at Drakensberg is of course the landscape itself, and the area has great conditions for mountaineers and people who want to trek. Some of the most popular treks are the Champagne Castle, Cathkin Peak and Cathedral Peak. You can also do these trails on horseback.
Royal Natal National Park (Drakensberg)
There are several national parks at Drakensberg. The most interesting is Royal Natal National Park, which e.g. hides an impressive amphitheatre deep inside. This is also where you'll find the waterfalls Tugela Falls, which fall 850 metres in five storeys of rocks. An amazing sight which cannot miss during a visit.
The Caves at Giants Castle Game Reserve (Drakensberg)
In these caves you can see clear signs of life. The aboriginal Bushmen lived in these caves until 100 years ago and more than 500 of there interesting paintings decorate the walls. The area, which is situated at the border to Lesotho, also offers the opportunity to meet antilopes and a wealth of different bird species.
Durban Beaches (Durban)
The Durban beaches are fantastic. The main beach is the Golden Mile, which stretches six kilometres and attracts a lot of people. Unfortunately also thieves. The smaller beaches, which stretch both to the north and to the south, are safer, quieter and not so crowded.
The Indian District (Durban)
Durban has a significant concentration of Indian people and west of the centre of the city lies the Indian district. The area is colourful and lively. Here you'll find markets, temples and well-preserved buildings from the turn of the century. The Indian district has also several mosques, e.g the Juma Musjid Mosque.
The Suburb Cato Minor (Durban)
The western suburb Cato Minor is a fascinating mix of poor huts and shanties and beautiful temples. Here lies the temple with the long name Shree Alayam Second River Hindu Temple, which every year sets the scene for a festival where the main event is to walk on red-hot coals.

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