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Attractions from Tunisia

Bizerte (Bizerte)
The white walls, blue doors, and waterfront location of this town are all part of its undeniable charm, but unfortunately most tourists overlook this wonderful, small town, despite its great beaches and relaxed atmosphere. The town also has its own oceanographic museum with an aquarium, and 10 kilometres away you will find the most Northern place in all of Africa, the Cap Blanc.
The town of Gabès (Gabès)
This city of 85,000 inhabitants is located in an oasis and is a very special place. When you go in a carriage out into the oasis surrounding the town you will see date palms, pomegranates, figs and olives.
Beaches (Jerba)
The wonderful, white, sandy beaches with their clear water and palm trees in the background are the reason why many people go to Jerba.
The synagogue of Er Riadh (Jerba)
The oldest synagogue in the Arabic world is located in this village, dating back to 586 BC.
Trip round the island (Jerba)
It is an amazing experience to drive around on the island in a rented car, a taxi, or if you are really energetic, on a bike. You can drive around among the palm trees, stop in small villages where farming and fishing help provide food on your table in the tourist areas. The traders of the island are known all over Tunisia.
Kairouan (Kairouan)
This is Tunisia's holy town, which has a beautiful mosque. Get lost in the old town's twisting streets inside the town wall and buy one of the town's world-famous, hand-knotted carpets.
Jardin Public (Monastir)
If you come here on a Friday you will get to see how the locals spend their day off. The picnic baskets are full, the coffee is in the thermos, and all is set for a game of cards. The best time of day to experience this is late in the afternoon.
Ribat - the Monastery Fort (Monastir)
Ribat is a monastery fort dating back to 796, and from the fort's tower you can enjoy an impressive view of the entire city of Monastir. Originally, Islamic munk knights used the place, until the Christian crusaders conquered the fort.
The Mausoleum of Bourguibas (Monastir)
Near Ribat you will find this burial place, which most of all looks like a mosque. The two minarets and the gilded dome let you know that someone special has been laid to rest here. A large square paved in beautiful patterns leads up to the mausoleum.
The Sahara Desert (Southern Tunisia)
This famous desert is not located in one limited area, as it is the name of an area in Southern Tunisia. The best places to visit on a camel safari in the desert are the oasis towns of Douz, Tozeur and Nefta.

Area and city attractions

• Bizerte
• Gabès
• Kairouan
• Monastir
• Susah
• Tunis

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