Travel guide to Algarve

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Local name
Costa Verde

Travel preparation


Local conditions


Time zone

At noon (12.00) inUK, the time is 11.00 am at the Algarve Coast

Culture and entertainment

The beaches are the best form of entertainment at the Algarve Coast. You can enjoy every kind of water sport. Golf is also very popular in the area and along the coast there is a wide variety of golf courses and golf training. Besides there are many equestrian centres, that rent out horses to tourists.

Accommodation / Hotel

The Algarve Coast is plentiful in hotels. Even if you will find many grand and expensive chains of hotels you can also find a cheaper kind of accommodation in the pensions and guesthouses. Look for the new combined apartments and hotels. Here you will get your own place but can enjoy the services of the hotel. Look for an A. Book your hotel in Algarve here

Local transport



It is easy to take a taxi at the Algarve Coast. In some of the smaller cities arrange a price with the driver before you go. In other places they run by the taximeter.

Other transport

The cheapest way to get around the Algarve Coast is by bus. There are many local and cheap ones. There are train connections to the big cities.

Special conditions

If you are interested in sports the Algarve Coast is the right place to be. Heaps of different kinds of sports activities are offered. Especially golf is popular and widespread.
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