Travel guide to Amazonas


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Best time to visit

In the period from January till June there is at least one heavy shower a day and it's not quite as hot as the rest of the year; a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. From July till December it doesn't rain nearly as much, but it's often around 40 degrees Celsius. The weather doesn't affect the tours in the jungle. However, if the rainfall is very heavy during the rainy season, the rivers may flood the area and make tours impossible.


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Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12 noon in the UK, it is 6 am in the Amazons.

Culture and entertainment

A visit to an Indian village is possible in the Amazon jungle. It's not easy, but if you can find a guide of Indian descent/ he is very likely to be wiling to take you to an Indian tribe.

Accommodation / Hotel

It's a good idea to get a hammock when you get to the Amazons. Both for jungle journeys and aboard a river barge. If you are so lucky to reach an Indian village, the hammock is just as indispensable. Otherwise there are hotels in almost all cities in Amazons and if you should end up in a small village without an authorized hotel, there'll definitely be a place for you to arrange your hammock if you pay a little. Book your hotel in Amazonas here

Local transport



There are a few official river taxies. Most fishermen and other smaller boat owners will be willing to taxi you at a reasonable price.

Other transport

Some barges are especially for passengers, but almost all cargo boats take passengers.

Special conditions

Amazons is a risk area for malaria. Ask your doctor which malaria pills are best to bring and do it well in advance of your departure, as some pills have to be taken several weeks before the beginning of the journey.
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