Travel guide to Andalucia


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Best time to visit

You can go to Andulucia all year round. The sand beaches are luring both in spring, summer and well into the fall. During the winter you can explore the interior of the region. If you primarily want to visit countries in the middle of the country like Granada and Seville it is best to avoid July and August when the heat gets intolerable.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12 am in England it is 1 p.m. in Andalucia

Culture and entertainment

The wide selection of sports activities in Andulucia both in the big cities and at the holiday resorts. In Andalucia you can try all the sports you can imagine like riding, golf, swimming, tennis and polo. Apart from sports there are also festivals all year round in Andalucia. Try experiencing the celebration of "La Virgen de la Cabeza" at Sierra Morena north of Andújar. The virgin is celebrated the last weekend in April and well above half a million people gather to see the virgin parade, a parade that originates from the 13th century.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are plenty of hotels in Andalucia. At the big holiday destinations the modern hotel chains dominate but in the interior you can stay cheap at private boarding houses, at humble hotels, at camping sites or in cabins. You can also try spending the night at a castle or in a convent. In region you will also find several hostels. Book your hotel in Andalucia here

Local transport



It is not hard to get a taxi on the street in the larger cities in Andalucia and at the holiday places. In the smaller villages it can be quite difficult. The taxis are cheap and the rates decided by a metre.

Other transport

The trains cover large parts of Spain and also run a good service in Andalucia. You can also go by bus to most long distances and locally. All the major cities and holiday destinations have domestic airports.

Special conditions

The province called Jaén in Andalusia is the world-leading producer of olive oil and olives. You can notice all the many olive valleys in the area.
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