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Athens museums (Athens)
The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is a fantastic museum where you, among other things, can see the amazing gold treasures from Mykonos. The Goulandris Museum of Ancient Greek Art is also interesting. It has e.g. a collection of elegant marble figures, which have inspired among others Picasso.
The Acropolis (Athens)
When in Athens, you can't get out of seeing the Acropolis, where you'll find the ruins of the Parthenon Temple. The ruins of the gods 2400-year-old city can be seen from virtually anywhere in Athens. In the year 510 B.C., the Delphic oracle predicted that it should be the city of the gods, where after the building of the temples where begun - a truly wonderful sight.
The old district of Plaka (Athens)
Plaka, the old Greek district in the north-eastern part of Athens, by the Acropolis, is where you can get a feel of how the ancient Greece looked like, and where you can go explore the narrow alleys. In spite of mass tourism, this labyrinthine area has kept its charm.
The Theatre of Dionysos (Athens)
The ancient Theatre of Dionysos is situated by the southern part of the Acropolis, and is where the ancient Greek played their tragedies. You can almost still hear the chorus sing. There are quite a few arrangements here during the summer festival, which is a great experience.

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