Travel guide to Athens

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Local name
When it is 12pm GMT, it is 2pm in Athens.

Best time to visit

Athens can be visited all year round, although the city can be unpleasant in July and August, when it is most warm. The best time to see Athens' many sights is in the spring and fall, where the climate is temperate, but not too hot.


World of Athens: An Introduction to Classical Athenian Culture

Culture and entertainment

Athens holds many museums and theatres, as well as historical attractions, such as the Acropolis. The Athens Festival is held between June and September, where you'll find theatre performances and concerts in the old, Greek theatres. You can also experience a Dionysian feast, where you can drink all the wine you like, after having paid a fee (Dionysos was the god of wine and ecstasy).

Accommodation / Hotel

Athens has a large number of hotels, from luxury hotels (marked with an L) to the more modest places. You can also rent a private room, which is usually cheap and quite good. You can camp in and around Athens as well. Book your hotel in Athens here

Local transport



Getting a taxi in Athens is easy and cheap. Sometimes they have taximeters, other times you have to negotiate with the driver.

Other transport

The local bus system is good in Athens, and you can also take the train from the two central train stations to the rest of the mainland and Peloponnese. A multitude of ferries depart from the port of Piraeus to the many islands.

Special conditions

Although Athens is fascinating, it is also a very filthy and noisy city, which makes it a good idea to combine a vacation in Athens with a few days on one of the refreshing Greek islands.
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