Travel guide to Balearic Islands


Local name
Islas Baleares

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The Balerian Islands can be visited all year round. In the summer the islands are crowded with tourists. Early spring is a good time to go since the tourism is less intense but the weather already hot and the beaches lovely. The interesting sights on the islands also make a trip during winter highly recommendable.

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12 a.m. in England it is 1p.m at the Balerian Islands.

Culture and entertainment

Menorca has some interesting historical monuments and a landscape that offers good walks. The walks are even better at Mallorca in the island's northwestern mountain areas. In addition, the islands have everything to offer when it comes to sport or a hectic nightlife. The most hectic nightlife is to be found on Ibiza. The islands are almost drowning in its huge amount of clubs and bars, which are used intensely by especially the very young, which have gone to island to party.

Accommodation / Hotel

There is a wealth of hotels at all the Balerian Islands. The big hotel chains have sprung up and dominate most holiday areas but occasionally you can also find smaller, cheaper and more humble hotels. If you plan to travel in the tourist season don't expect that you can check in at a hotel without prior reservation. It is best to book in advance. The islands also have fairly good camping sites. Book your hotel in Balearic Islands here

Local transport



It is fairly easy to get taxis in the main towns on all three islands. Usually you can get one on the street if not you can call one. It is fairly cheap to drive in a taxi and it goes by the metre.

Other transport

There are airports on all the island and good local busses. Alternative ways to get around on the islands are to go drive a motorbike, scooter or a mountain bike. The islands also have plenty car rental companies. There are also several daily ferry connections between the island and the mainland.

Special conditions

Be aware that tourists crowd the Balerian Islands in the summer, so if you want to avoid the tourists you should pick another time of year to visit the islands.
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