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Local name
Krung Thep
When the time is 12pm GMT, it is 7pm in Bangkok. Thailand does not change to summer time so during the summer there is only a five-hour time difference.

Best time to visit

It is advised that you go to Bangkok during the winter months, because the suffocating heat combined with the pollution caused by the egsaust from the cars, makes the city unbearable during the warm months. It is also during this period that there are the most local festivals.


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Culture and entertainment

Nightlife like that of Bangkok cannot be found anywhere else. The city has n enormous amount of nightclubs, bars, and discotheques, and some of them are more housebroken than others. In the local arena you can experience Thailand's national sport, Thai boxing, and at many of the city's more fashionable restaurants you can experience the graceful traditional Thai dancing.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are plenty of possibilities is Bangkok, the city has it all both luxury hotels and hostels. When you choose your hotel or hostel you should be prepared that there most likely will be a lot of noise coming from the street. Book your hotel in Bangkok here

Local transport



There are plenty of taxis in Bangkok and horrible traffic, so you should be prepared that it can take a lot of time to get around.

Other transport

Longtailboats It is quite often quicker to take a longtailboat or an express boat that sails along Bangkok's many canals, than it is to take a taxi through the heavy traffic.
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