Travel guide to Barcelona


Local name
When it is 12pm GMT, it is 1pm in Barcelona

Best time to visit

Barcelona is lovely all year round. You can enjoy the sun and the beaches spring, summer and well into the fall. At the same time you will find a wealth of extraordinary cultural offers in the city. The winter you can spend studying all the fantastic sights in the city.

Culture and entertainment

There is wide variety of cultural sights in Barcelona. Barcelona offers theatres, museums and art galleries. The city also has a lot of concerts. Many concerts are in the cosy Poble Espanol at the Olympic stadium. If you like sports you can go to Camp Nou and see FC Barcelona play. For the part animals Barcelona offers a hectic nightlife.

Accommodation / Hotel

There is a wealth of hotels in Barcelona. Barcelona offers both luxurious hotels and boarding houses where the rooms are cheap but the noise from the street ever present. Outside the city you will find camping sites and hostels in the nearby area. Book your hotel in Barcelona here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Barcelona. You can find a taxi on the street in most parts of the town and they are cheap. You drive by the metre.

Special conditions

Barcelona has good markets. The best is the second hand market Els Encants. Try also Placa de les Glòries Catalanes where you can get antiquities. Beware that they speak Catalan in Barcelona, which can be hard to understand even if you speak Spanish.
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