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Local name
England follows GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). In spring the clocks are moved forward one hour, and moved back one hour in autumn in line with daylight saving. This means when it is 12.00pm (noon) GMT it is: 4.00am in LA, 2.00pm in Cape Town and 10.00pm in Sydney

Best time to visit

England's weather varies dramatically throughout the year. The winters can be bitterly cold and wet (-4 to about 9 degrees on average). June and July are the best months to travel because it tends to be warmer and drier (usually between 12 and 21 degrees), although English weather is never very predictable. The south coast usually sees the best weather, being milder throughout the year, whilst the North experiences cooler weather. Despite this, the difference in temperature from the north to the south is never more than a few degrees.

Culture and entertainment

Birmingham has some of Britain's best nightlife, with an active gay and lesbian scene and music to suit all tastes. If, however, you prefer to relax or just watch the dancing, visit the Birmingham Royal Ballet or one of the many bars, pubs or restaurants the city has to offer. The 'What's On' guide to Birmingham and Midlands contains further information, is free and can be found at most public attractions.Readers and Writers Festival, May to November, held annually. Jazz Festival is held the first two weeks in July. Film and Television Festival held annually in November. Further information on events can be found in 'What's On Birmingham & Midlands', available free at most public attractions.

Accommodation / Hotel

As in most big cities in England, the further you are from the centre of town the cheaper accommodation becomes. Hotels and B&B's are the main choice of accommodation in Birmingham and the NEC Tourist Office offers cut price weekend stays. To find out more you can contact them on 0121 780 4321. Book your hotel in Birmingham here

Local transport



Taxis are readily available. To book call, Toa Taxis on 0121 427 8888

Other transport

Local buses operate across the city with West Midland Travel being the main bus company. Some travel passes allow you to travel on local buses, local trains and the metro. For further information contact the Centro Hotline on 0121 200 2700.
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