Travel guide to Brasília


Local name
Brasilia can be visited all year round.

Best time to visit

Brasilia can be visited all year round.


The Modernist City: An Anthropological Critique of Brasilia

Culture and entertainment

In and around Brasilia there are quite a few neo-religious sects, which believe that the place is chosen to give birth to a new civilisation. Several of the sects even allow guests to participate in their rituals. Templo da Boa Vontade (Temple of Good Will) owns among other things the biggest raw crystal in the world. A drive through the city's curious and peculiar architecture is also a memorable, but scary, experience.

Accommodation / Hotel

As any other city Brasília has of course its 3,4 and 5-star hotels. Inexpensive hotels are harder to find and most of them are remote. It is definitely worthwhile paying a little extra to stay in the centre of the city. In most Brazilian cities rates go up during the weekends, but everybody escapes Brasília as soon as it is Friday. For this reason it is often possible to negotiate for a considerable reduction if you visit during the weekend. Book your hotel in Brasília here

Local transport



Taxi rides are generally more expensive in Brasilia. But since the city is not built for pedestrians at all, a taxi may be necessary now and then.

Other transport

Buses regularly service all the places, which are worth visiting. The bus service works well. It may be difficult for a visitor to orientate himself since most addresses are written as numbers and letters followed by a specific town sector. Get an overview at home. It may save you some time.

Special conditions

Brasilia is not suitable for a classic big city vacation, as you know it from e.g. Rio, Paris and London with shopping, museums and a lot of other tourists. In return it's a quite unique example of a city, which was first designed and then built. The particular Brazilian architecture is not to be found any other place and to the untraditional and curious tourist Brasilia is definitely a great experience.
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