Travel guide to Brighton



Best time to visit

England's weather varies dramatically throughout the year. The winters can be bitterly cold and wet (-4 to about 9 degrees on average). June and July are the best months to travel because it tends to be warmer and drier (usually between 12 and 21 degrees), although English weather is never very predictable. The south coast usually sees the best weather, being milder throughout the year, whilst the North experiences cooler weather. Despite this, the difference in temperature from the north to the south is never more than a few degrees.

Culture and entertainment

Brighton hosts the largest Arts Festival outside of Edinburgh. The festival is held annually, throughout May, when the town goes arts-mad with a variety of exhibitions, performances and shows taking place at both indoor and outdoor venues. Further details can be found by calling 0906 711 2255, visiting The Dome Box Office, Church Street, Brighton or checking out the official festival web site at Essential Music Festival The highlight of Brightons music scene is the Essential Music Festival, which takes place around mid May. Dance day on the Saturday is held at a variety of clubs and attracts all top name DJs. Gay Pride Takes place at the end of July. Starting with a parade through Brighton, followed by a massive party in Preston Park. Culture/Entertainment: Brighton has a broad range of interesting restaurants, sea front arcades and attractions. It is also literally bounding with hundreds of pubs, clubs and bars, most of which remain open until 2.00am and some even stay open to 5.00am. With a wealth of things to participate in, see and hear you will never be stuck for something to do.

Accommodation / Hotel

All around the Kemp town district, the town centre and Regency Square you will find an abundance of B&B's, guesthouses and hotels that vary in price and quality. Most accommodation has been inspected by the English Tourism council and rated accordingly. 12 campsites in an around Brighton offer the cheapest accommodation alternative. Remember it gets very busy in peak season, so it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. The local tourist office offers a service to help find accommodation, but even they may experience difficulties during this time. Book your hotel in Brighton here

Local transport



Taxis are readily available, but if you do have difficulty flagging one down, you will find a taxi rank at the main railway station. To book a taxi call Brighton and Hove Radio Cabs on 01273 204060.

Other transport

There are buses that operated across the city, but one of the best ways to explore is on foot or by bicycle which are available to hire from Sunrise Cycles, tel; 01237 748881.
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