Attractions from Brittany

Attractions from

The City Brest. (Brest)
The port in Brest is one of the most beautiful natural ports in the world. In the city you can find a castle dating from the 13th century, which is definitely worth a visit. You can also hire a boat and enjoy the beautiful landscape from the channel that goes between Brest and Nantes.
The City Rennes (Brittany)
The presence of its famous university can be felt everywhere in Rennes especially in its rich cultural life. In Rennes you can find le Musée des Beaux-Artsand and the more local Musée de Bretagne, which offers an excellent guide to Britannys history and culture. In Rennes a lot of beautiful buildings vanished during a large fire in 1720 but Palais de Justice survived and is now a beautiful tourist attraction. The palace has gold inlaid halls and some impressive tapestry.
The City Saint Malo (Brittany)
Plagued by pirates this city was once of the most important ports in France. Today its defences are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brittany. The city's big cathedral Saint Vincent begun in the 12th century also attracts visitors, as it is known among lovers of mosaic for its lovely interior.

Area and city attractions

• Brest
• Lyon
• Marseille
• Mulhouse
• Nice
• Paris
• Saint Tropez
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