Attractions from Burgundy

Attractions from

Musée de Beaux-Arts (Burgundy)
In the main city of Burgundy Dijon you can visit an arts museum that is known for its diversity. In here you find paintings from a lot of different epochs. The artists cover from Rubens to Monet and the Impressionists to religious artefacts from Antiquity. The museum is in an old mansion that used to belong to a French count. The building itself is worth a visit.
The Roman City Autun (Burgundy)
Behind the antique walls lies the Roman city built by emperor Augustus around 10 years before Christ. Two of the original four gates can still be seen as well as the remains of the largest Roman theatre in the area.
The Wine Museum in Baeaune (Burgundy)
In the centre of Burgundy lies this charming city Beaune that has dedicated a whole museum to the most important feature of the region, the wine. Here you will get to know the history of the wine. After a visit here you are well prepared to go for a taste of wine at the many interesting chateaux in the surrounding area.

Area and city attractions

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