Travel guide to Cairo

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Local name
El Qahira
14,000,000 (2000)
When it is 12.00 in England, it is 13.00 in Cairo.

Best time to visit

The summer months are very hot - the temperature sometimes rises to 40 degrees centigrade, while the noise, the smog and the overwhelming mass of people remain the same. In the springtime, the temperatures are more humane, so that would be a good time to visit Cairo.


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Culture and entertainment

One of the great attractions in Cairo is the lightshow at the pyramids, where the huge buildings and the sphinx are lit up. Otherwise, just walking the streets of Cairo, while feeling the atmosphere, is a must when being in one of the most dynamic cities of the world. In many of Cairo's restaurants and on shorter Nile-cruises, you get to experience Egyptian belly-dancing and traditional Egyptian folk music as a supplement to dinner.

Accommodation / Hotel

Cairo has it all, from five-star hotels to humble pensions and hostels, where you can spend the night for a few Egyptian pounds. Book your hotel in Cairo here

Local transport



Taxis are a fast and cheap way of getting around Cairo, but they're often in a terrible state. The drivers drive like crazy, but surprisingly few accidents happen anyway. Bargain about the price before getting in.

Other transport

Buses are the most common means of transportation besides taxis.

Special conditions

You have to look after your valuables in Cairo, especially when moving around in narrow alleys. You'd also want to be extra careful in the traffic, as traffic regulations are followed very loosely.
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