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Fort Maidan and Fort William (Calcutta)
In 1756 the British wanted to build a new fort in Calcutta to replace the one they already had, Fort William. The fort was not completed until 1781 and had at that point cost two million £. At the same time a large area of jungle was cleared so that the canons could be shot from the fort. The canons has of yet never been fired. The fort is still in use, but it is possible to get inside and have a look around.
The Kali Temple (Calcutta)
Kali Temple was built in 1809 on top of an even older temple. This place is very popular with pilgrims, who come in large numbers to the temple. The locals believe that the Kali Temple demands daily sacrifices, so every morning a goat is slaughtered in front of the temple to satisfy the blood thirst of the Gods'.
Victoria Memorial Museum (Calcutta)
Victoria Memorial is probable the most impressive memory from the British Empire. The museum is a large building made out of white marble. Inside the museum you will find portraits, statues, and busts of most of the important people from British India. The museum is interesting and tells about a good portion of India's history.

Area and city attractions

• Benares
• Calcutta
• Chandigarh
• Chennai (Madras)
• Delhi
• Kohima
• Mumbai (Bombay)
• Agra
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