Attractions from Canary Islands

Attractions from

The Harbour Santa Cruz (Canary Islands)
Santa Cruz is one of the busiest harbours in Spain. The city lies at Tenerife and its port houses incredible amounts of containerships, big luxury ships, car ferries and catamarans. There is always something happening at the port. If the port bores you, you can visit the nearby Museo de la Naaraleze y El Hombre. Here you can see tons of mummies and skulls
The Island El Hierro (Canary Islands)
El Hierro is heavenly far from tourists, bars and international restaurants. It is an untouched island with green scenery that seems more Irish than Spanish. There are good possibilities for walks at the island. You can look at the big vineyards and the sheepfolds in the green fields.

Area and city attractions

• Barcelona
• Bilbo
• Lleida
• Madrid
• Málaga
• Seville
• Valencia
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