Travel guide to Cardigan Coast


Local name
Cambrian Coastline
Has not been determined.

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

-If you want to visit Cardigan Coast in it's best weather (although it is not possible to predict to British climate with any degree of certainty) and least crowded time of year, it probably best to go between April and May or in October.


The Matter of Wales - Jan Morris The Rough Guide to Wales - Mike Parker and Paul Whitfield The Lonely Planet (Wales) Wild Wales - George Borrow Real Wales - Heini Gruffudd A Tour in Wales - Thomas Penant

Local conditions


Accommodation / Hotel

The Cardigan Coast has along it length many towns, they all offer different types of accommodation. You will find many B&Bs of various prices in the larger towns like Cardigan, Newquay and Aberystwth Book your hotel in Cardigan Coast here

Local transport

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