Travel guide to Central Iceland

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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The central highland is closed to traffic during the winter and some roads doesn't open until July. You should never go into the closed areas, where a lot of careless tourists have had accidents.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in GB (summer time), it is 10.00 in Iceland's central highland. When it is 12.00 in GB (winter time), it is 11.00 in Iceland's central highland.

Accommodation / Hotel

The central highland has a number of not particularly luxurious camping sites, scattered along the various marked routes of the area. The local tourist associations own a number of summer cottages in the area, but if you want to rent one of these, you'd better book it well in advance. Book your hotel in Central Iceland here

Local transport


Special conditions

Watch out and present the utmost carefulness when going through the highland. Rope, compass, warm clothing, mobile phone, gas, spare tyre, maps etc. should be standard equipment when going here.
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