Travel guide to Champagne-Ardennes


Local name
Champagne - Ardenne
1.352.406 (1999)

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Champagne-Ardenne is lovely during the summer where the green region show itself from its best side.

Local conditions


Time zone

GMT + 1 hour

Culture and entertainment

The area has exciting theatre, music festivals, concerts and conferences.

Accommodation / Hotel

You can find hotels covering all prices in the area where it is also possible to rent different types of accommodation. You can also find camping sites and hostels. Book your hotel in Champagne-Ardennes here

Local transport



Taxis can be found on the street in Reims but in general it is good idea to call and order one.

Other transport

In general the area has a good transportation system if you don't go too far out in the countryside where the busses seldom drive. Between the larger cities in the area you will have no problems finding transport and you will also find local transport in the larger cities. Most of the larger cities have car rental companies.
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