Attractions from Champagne-Ardennes

Attractions from

Palais du Tau (Champagne-Ardennes)
The arch bishops old palace from 1690 today houses a museum that exhibits wall carpets, sculptures and other things from the kings' days of glory in Reims. It is a good idea to see this palace in connection with a visit to the cathedral.
The Cathedral in Reims (Champagne-Ardennes)
This church has seen kingdoms come and go. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times and has seen the mighty kings of France been coronated and celebrated. The cathedral is built in gothic architecture.
The City of Verdun (Champagne-Ardennes)
The city is mostly known from its role in First World War where several hundred thousands Frenchmen and Germans lost their lives in the area around the city. They are now celebrated at the city's war museum. It is still easy to recognise the battlefields, which are also a sight worth watching if you want to get an impression of what was the last sight for so many people.

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