Attractions from Corsica

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Corsicas National Parc (Corsica)
More than a third of Corsica is covered by this more than 350.000 ha large national park. The striking diversity in the nature is nowhere better illustrated than in this park that encompasses high mountains, coast lines, Maki and deep lakes.
The Town Ajaccio (Corsica)
The main centre of the island Ajaccio is the home of a very beautiful cathedral but is mostly known famous for its famous son Napoléon Bonaparte. Among the many places you can find tributes to Napoléon Bonaparte is the museum Maison Bonaparte and the town hall in the Salon Napoléonien.
The Town Le vieux Port de Bastia (Corsica)
The main town in the northern part of Corsica used to be the island's capital. At the town's old port you will find the largest church in Bastia, Église Saint Jean-Babtiste whose twin towers can be seen from a far distance. Another and smaller church l'Oratoire de l'Immaculée Conception was earlier used for state ceremonies.

Area and city attractions

• Brest
• Lyon
• Marseille
• Mulhouse
• Nice
• Paris
• Saint Tropez
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