Travel guide to Cyclades

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Best time to visit

The Cyclades can be visited all year round. The islands are warm and nice from April to November, when the beaches are at their best. Nothing much happens during the winter, so if you want peace and quiet, this is a great time to go.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 14.00 on the Cyclades.

Culture and entertainment

There's plenty of entertainment in the shape of discos and bars in most of the Cyclades, and sometimes there are concerts in some of the larger islands, such as Naxos. You'll often find musicians entertaining in the streets, too. Furthermore, the conditions for biking, doing water sports and hiking are excellent in the Cyclades.

Accommodation / Hotel

If you arrive to the Cyclades by ferry, you're virtually attacked by eager people who want to rent out rooms in private pensions. There are lots of pensions and camping sites in the larger islands, as well as a good deal of hotels. The large and expensive hotel chains tend to dominate, though. Book your hotel in Cyclades here

Local transport



You'll only find a taxi in the main cities of the Cyclades, and there aren't many of them there either.

Other transport

A huge number of ferries sail from the Cyclades to the mainland and other Greek islands. The larger of the islands have a local bus service, and most of them have a domestic airport as well, from where you can fly to Athens.

Special conditions

Note that the Cyclades can be very windy, causing the ferries to stay in port fro hours at a time. This means that you should depart in plenty of time to catch an airplane in Athens.
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