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Hannibals House and Garden (Disco Bay)
Hannibal's house and garden are found in Saqqaq. Hannibal Fencker was famous for his hothouses, which were the northernmost of their kind in the world. In spite of the location, Hannibal succeeded in getting the most difficul plants to grow in his garden, and he received the Royal Gardening Society's silvermedal in 1973 for outstanding gardening.
The Qeqeertarsuaq area (Disco Bay)
On Qeqeertarsuaq in Disko Bay, you'll find the Lyngmark glacier, where you can drive a dog sledge in the summer, when the sun is shining. It takes a few hours of walking to get to the top of the glacier, but it is worth the effort.
Jakobshavn Museum (Jakobshavn)
The buildings containing the museum today were the birthplace of the polar scientist, Knud Rasmussen. A part of the museum's exhibition describes the scientist's journeys and contains things from his birthplace, and outside the museum traditional Greenlandic buildings, among other things a copy of a peat hut has been erected.
Kællingekløften (Jakobshavn)
In order to get to Kællingekløften, you need to walk quite a bit from Jakobshavn. The legend says, that this is the cliff where the old people in the settlement went to throw themselves off, when times were bad and they felt that they were a burden.
Naalakatta Illua church (Jakobshavn)
The church was originally built in Qullissat, but as the town closed in 1973, the church moved with the inhabitants to Ilulissat. Naalakatta Illua means "Our House".

Area and city attractions

• Disco Bay
• Godthab
• Jakobshavn
• Julianehåb
• Upernavik
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