Attractions from East Coast and Changhi

Attractions from

The East Coast Park (East Coast and Changhi)
The East Coast Park is a popular place, and it is especially crowded in the weekends. Even though the beach is impressing, the water is not very clean. The place has good water sport facilities and a couple of fine restaurants. The Big Splash is the name of a large swimming pool with water slides.
The Pulau Ubin Island (East Coast and Changhi)
This island gives you an idea of what Singapore looked like 50 years ago. The island is much more slow-paced than the rest of the country, and the only settlement here is a small village. In Ubin Village, most of the houses rest on wooden poles that stand out of the water. The island also has its own Buddhist temple, and the best way to get around the island is by bicycle.

Area and city attractions

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