Travel guide to Egyptian Mediterranean Coast

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Best time to visit

Egypt's north coast and Alexandria can be visited all year round. Alexandria is a big city, and can get intolerably hot during the summer. The beaches are fantastic all year round, but the best time is still in the fall or spring.


Alexandria: A History and a Guide

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 13.00 be the Mediterranean coast.

Culture and entertainment

Alexandria has plenty of catacombs, tombs and museums, but if you want to mix sport with cultural activities, you should try diving off the coast of the city. Six to eight metres down, you'll find yourself face to face with sphinxes and colossal statues from the ancient Egypt. Otherwise, the fantastic beaches on the north coast can be considered attractions themselves.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are plenty of hotels along the north coast and in Alexandria. By the coast, you'll mainly find four- and five-star hotels, but Alexandria has a broad selection in all price ranges. Book your hotel in Egyptian Mediterranean Coast here

Local transport



Taxis are easy to find on the north coast and in Alexandria. They're cheap, but you should bargain with the driver about the price before getting in.

Other transport

Alexandria has a well-developed local bus system, and many buses operate along the northern coast. There are also trains from Alexandria to all major cities. Finally, you can also hire a traditional horse-drawn carriage to get around the city.

Special conditions

Alexandria is as overrun by tourists as, say, Hurghada in Sinai. Many Egyptians spend their holiday in Alexandria and thus you can experience a more authentic Egyptian environment here, than by the Red Sea.
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