Travel guide to Eilat

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Local name
Elat or Eilat - can be spelled in different ways.
When its 12.00 p.m. in UK, its 2.00 p.m. in Eilat.

Best time to visit

In the summertime, the bone-dry winds are helpful in giving you the impression of being in an oven. The rest of the year, the temperatures are more moderate. A good cross between is spring or autumn.

Culture and entertainment

The nightlife in Eilat is characterised by an excellent bar environment.

Accommodation / Hotel

The most common accommodation possibility is a bed at a pre-paid charter hotel. The supply is enormous and the charter companies have many options. If you cant stand a whole week let alone two in Eilat, the city has several excellent hostels and hotels that serve guests in individual periods. The city also has a camping site. Book your hotel in Eilat here

Local transport



There are many taxies in Eilat. Theyre easily hired on the street and its a good idea to settle on a price in advance.

Special conditions

Eilat is very close to both the Jordanian and the Egyptian border, and therefore the city is an excellent starting point for travelling on to these two countries. You can easily cross the border as a tourist and you dont need a visa in advance. However it costs money to get it at the border. How much depends on nationality and the prices can be found on notices by the border or by asking the tourist agency in Eilat.
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