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Berlin Marathon (Berlin)
The Berlin Marathon is held annually and it has become one of the most important and prestigious races in the world. A combination of a level route, good weather and a unique atmosphere makes the Berlin Marathon the fastest Marathon in the world.
Berlin Zoological Garden (Berlin)
Germany's eldest zoo from 1841 is situated in the southwestern corner of Tiergarten. The 30-hectare big zoological garden is the world's largest with over 13.000 different animal species.
Charlottenburg (Berlin)
Größter Anziehungspunkt des Stadteils um den Savignyplatz ist das zwischen 1695 und 1746 entstandene Schloss Charlottenburg. Nach Kriegsschäden wurden die historischen Räume originalgetreu wieder nachgebaut. Im Westflügel befindet sich das Museum für Frühgeschichte, im Ostflügel die Galerie der Romantik. Das Schloss ist umgeben von einer herrlichen Parkanlage. Im Mausoleum sind mehrere Hohenzollern-Mitglieder bestattet.
The Brandenburger Tor building (Berlin)
Brandenburger Tor is the symbol of Berlin's victories and defeats. At the top of the building from 1791 is the triumphal goddess Nike who, ironically, has turned her chariot westwards.
The Reichtag building (Berlin)
The British architect Sir Norman Foster is the man behind the restoration of the German parliament building. The reborn building is a combination of new and old and now houses the German parliament.
The Zwinger Palaces (Dresden)
In the capital of Sachen, Dresden, is a number of beautiful baroque palaces founded from 1710 to 1728 by the city's famous Elector August the Strong. The palaces, which make out Zwinger, have been converted into exhibition buildings today.
Wittenberg City (Eastern Germany)
Wittenberg City in the state Sachen-Anhalt is called the cradle of reformation by many people, as it was here Luther started his crusade against Catholicism. Martin Luther was hired as a professor by the city's university in 1508. It is interesting to walk around and see how the reformation has influenced houses, churches and monasteries in the city.
Leipzig City (Leipzig)
Through times the city has been one of Germany's most important commercial cities. The city has several beautiful sights. One of them is the town hall in Leipzig, which is considered one of Germany's most beautiful renaissance buildings.

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