Travel guide to Graz


Local name
When it is 12:00 in Great Britain, it is 13:00 in Graz

Best time to visit

Graz can be visited year round but the city is most beautiful in spring and in summer, when it is possible to enjoy the nice weather in one of the many cafés in the city. In the winter there are quite a few concerts in the city's concert halls.

Culture and entertainment

Festivals are held in Graz in March and October. During the summer there is a jazz festival. Furthermore Graz is home to Austrias alternative cultural movement.

Accommodation / Hotel

In Graz there is accommodation to suit every need. For the young there is the Jugendgästehaus, which is cheap and simple but has a warm atmosphere. If more comfortable surroundings are wanted, Graz offers good hotels at various price ranges. Furthermore there are several Gasthofs in Graz that offer nice and comfortable overnight accommodation. Book your hotel in Graz here

Local transport



There are a lot of taxis in Graz. It is possible to call and order one or they can be hailed in the street.

Other transport

The Schlossbergbahn has been taking passengers to the top of Schlossberg since 1894. It is an excellent alternative to walking the 473 meters to the top. There are also trams in Graz.
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