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Park of Seven Stars (Guilin)
The garden received its name because of the seven mountain peaks composing the constellation called "the Great Bear". In this beautiful garden you can either climb or enter into the mountains, as the stalactite cave Qixing, also known as "the Sun's Resting Place", is located in the northern end of the park. The stalactites in the cave are transparent as crystal and incredibly beautiful.
The mountain Lonely Beauty (Guilin)
Lonely beauty rises abruptly from the ground in the heart of the old palace. The mountain's name comes from a poem written 1,500 years ago by Yang Yannzi, the governor of Guilin. The mountain is 152 metres high and has 300 steps leading to the top.
The Reed Pipe stalactite cave (Guilin)
This magnificent natural phenomenon is situated 7 km northwest of the city. The stalactite cave is 240 metres deep and 500 metres long and the cave-entrance is situated 27 metres above the rice paddies. The cave's stalactites are twisted in all shapes and have some fantastic colors.

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