Attractions from Gulfoss and Geysir

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Gullfoss Waterfall (Gulfoss and Geysir)
- The Golden Waterfall Iceland's most renowned waterfall, Gullfoss, or The Golden Waterfall, is situated 10 km from the Geysir area and is, with its enormous masses of water, a unique example of nature's magnificent forces. Gullfoss falls more than 30 metres down in a deep, deep ravine and if you're lucky and the sun is shining, you can often see a beautiful rainbow over the fall.
The Geysir area (Gulfoss and Geysir)
The geyser, after which the area is named, is unfortunately almost extinguished, because of habit of mindless tourists, throwing rocks and dirt in the spring. Sometimes Geysir is roused artificially, though, with the aid of soap powder, and when that happens the steaming cascades of boiling water, which the spring releases for 20 to 30 minutes, will take your breath away.
The Strokkur geyser (Gulfoss and Geysir)
About 100 km from the Geysir area is one of the country's greatest geysers, Strokkur. Strokkur is far from being extinguished and releases spouting jets of boiling water up to 30 metres high every third minute. The spouts only last a few seconds each, but those are imposing seconds.

Area and city attractions

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