Travel guide to Haifa

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Local name
When its 12 p.m. in UK, its 2 p.m. in Haifa.

Best time to visit

Haifa is favoured by frequent breezes from the sea, which makes the city more tolerable in the summer months than for example Tel Aviv. Because of the sea, the air can however be a bit sticky from the salt in the sea, but most people would supposedly prefer a bit of salt instead of boiling heat. Spring and autumn are also good seasons to visit Haifa in.

Accommodation / Hotel

Haifa has a couple of fine accommodation options. But the prices are high compared to the rest of Israel and the standard doesnt always follow the price. It can also be hard to find a place, so preferably order in good time. And remember to ask if you have to commit yourself to a certain number of nights. Book your hotel in Haifa here

Local transport



There are many taxies and buses in Haifa.
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