Attractions from Halong Bay

Attractions from

Cat Ba: (Halong Bay)
The island Cat Ba is 120 km2 and is situated in the southern part of the bay. The island has amazingly clean beaches where you can enjoy the sea and the nice weather. The national park on the island is one of the most beautiful parks in the country, and it has a rich flora and fauna. There have been found 6-7000 years old traces of humans on the island.
The Cua Ong temple: (Halong Bay)
The Cua Ong temple is situated on a hill, and there is a fabulous view of Bai Tu Long Bay. The temple was erected in honour of the Mandarin Tran Quoc Tang, who was the son of the most famous general of Vietnam. The temple was built during the Le dynasty in the 17th century.
The limestone formations: (Halong Bay)
If you hire a boat and sail from Bay Chai, it is possible to see some of the most fantastic limestone formations in the world. The shapes of the stones are sometimes bizarre and awful. Others look like animals or humans, and most of them are named after local personalities.

Area and city attractions

• Hanoi
• Ho Chi Minh City
• Hue
• Nha Trang
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