Travel guide to Hawaii


Local name

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Hawaii can be visited all year. It rains most between December and March, but never much. The weather is generally hot and sunny.


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Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12.00 in the U.K., it is 01.00 in Hawaii.

Culture and entertainment

On Hawaii you can for example experience the Hawaiian Ladies Open (a golf tournament) in February, the Hawaiian Airlines Oahu Ocean Party in May, and the Aloha Festivals in different areas in September and October.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are many hotels in Hawaii; anything from expensive and luxurious ones to middle class hotels. There is also quite a few guesthouses and cabins for rent. In some places it is also possible to rent a flat in a complex. It is a good idea to book a room before arriving in Hawaii. Book your hotel in Hawaii here

Local transport



Large numbers of taxis operate in the towns and in the tourist areas in Hawaii. They can easily be hired in the street and most of them use a taximeter.

Other transport

Busses connect most towns on the large islands. Furthermore its possible to fly or sail between several of the islands.
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