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The Museum of Modern Art: (Hue)
The museum exhibits works of modern Vietnamese artists. There are e.g. works of the painter Diem Phung Thi, who returned to Vietnam in 1993 after having lived in France for 51 years.
The Thien Mu Pagoda: (Hue)
The Thien Mu pagoda was build by the duke Nguyen Hoang in 1601. The pagoda was rebuilt several times, and in 1844 King Thieu Tri built the 21m tall tower. Thien Mu means "the divine woman".
The Tu Ducs mausoleum: (Hue)
The Tu Ducs mausoleum was erected from 1864-1867. The King was a hopeless romantic and ordered that the grave was to be like a fairyland. The buildings are in perfect harmony with the surroundings. The Poet Pavilion at the Lotus Lake is a popular sight in the romantic garden.

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• Hanoi
• Ho Chi Minh City
• Hue
• Nha Trang
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