Travel guide to Jerusalem

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Local name
Jerusalem is most common, but Yerushalaim is also used. In Arab, the city is called Al-Quds
Over 600.000 (2000)
When its 12.00 p.m. in UK, its 2.00 p.m. in Jerusalem

Best time to visit

An eternal breeze that keeps the temperatures in check all year around blesses Jerusalem. Actually it can get so chilly even on a summer night that a jacket or a blouse is required. Otherwise it fairly keeps up with the rest of the country temperature wise, but the heat is more intolerable in Jerusalem.


Lonely Planet, Jerusalem

Culture and entertainment

The new city has a lively but expensive nightlife in the Talpiot part of town, and a more moderate but cheaper one around Ben Yehuda Street and "The Russian Compound". East Jerusalem and the city are more or less closed after sundown. The Friday edition of Jerusalem Post tells you where and with what you can be entertained.

Accommodation / Hotel

In the cheap are the many hostels in and around the old city. In the new theres also quite a lot, but theyre generally more expensive. Hotels are in all price ranges, up to over 500 US$ per night for a double room at King David Hotel. Book your hotel in Jerusalem here

Local transport



There are a lot of taxies in the city. Theyre easily hired on the street and its a good idea to settle on the price before beginning the ride, as they rarely have a taximeter.
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