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Hvalsey (Julianehåb)
Hvalsey are the ruins of and old Scandinavian church, a bit outside of the town. The ruin is almost intact and was used by the Scandinavians for the last time in 1408. The church is 8 times 16 metres, and its walls are 1.5 metres thick.
Julianehåb Museum (Julianehåb)
The Museum has a very fine collection of old artefacts, such as harpoons and kayaks. The museum is situated in the old town forge from 1871, and the building is interesting itself. The canon in front of the museum was placed there by Knud Rasmussen, who brought it with him from the east coast.
Our Saviors Church (Julianehåb)
The church was built in 1832 and was the town's first. Inside you'll find an old lifebuoy, the only thing found after the Hans Hedtoft shipwreck, which took place at Cape Farewell in 1959.

Area and city attractions

• Disco Bay
• Godthab
• Jakobshavn
• Julianehåb
• Upernavik
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