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The Bunker Museum (Kaliningrad)
In front of Kaliningrad university, close to the Kant memorial, is the bunker that functioned as the commando centre of the German general, Otto von Lasch, during the war. Here, you can, among other things, see room number 13, where the general signed the German capitulation, as well as a number of other objects from the war.
The Museum of Amber (Kaliningrad)
Kaliningrad's museum of amber contains a collection of more than 6000 pieces of amber as well as a copy of part of Catharine the Great's Amber Room in the Summer Palace, St Petersburg. If you go to Yantarny, a little outside of Kaliningrad, you can visit the world's largest amber mine, producing 90 per cent of the world's amber.
The Museum of Natural History (Kaliningrad)
The concert hall, Stadthalle, was bombed during WW2, but was reconstructed and reopened in 1991 as a regional museum of natural history and art. The exhibitions provide an outline of the history of Kaliningrad and the natural history of the region, and you can get a more detailed insight through a local archaeological excavation.

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