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St Marys Church (Krakow)
On the market square in the middle of Krakow you'll find St Mary's Church, the parish church. St Mary's Church is best known for its famous altar-piece carved by the Nurnberg carver Wit Stwosz. The altar is the biggest and most beautiful altars from Medieval times.
The Czartoryski Museum (Krakow)
This museum, which is situated in the Czartoryski Palace, is considered one of Krakows finest art collections. The museum houses works by Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt as well as Egyptian and Asian finds.
The Sigismund Tower (Krakow)
On the 25-metre high rock of limestone sits the Sigismund Tower which houses Poland's biggest bell. The Sigismund Bell, installed in 1521, is 2 metres high and 2,5 metres in diametre.

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