Travel guide to Lake Ohrid

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Local name

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Ohrid can be visited all year. However, the winter is rather cold, so if you want to avoid it, the best time is from March to October.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12:00 in England, it is 13:00 in Ohrid.

Culture and entertainment

In July or August there is a summer festival with classical music in all the local churches. In early July, The Balkan Festival of Folk Dances & Songs is held. It attracts participants from all of the Balkans.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are fine possibilities for finding accommodation in Ohrid. There are hotels in all price ranges as well as some hostels. However, some of them are only open in the summer period. Book your hotel in Lake Ohrid here

Local transport



The easiest way to get a cab is to hire it on the street, and it is a good idea to agree on the price beforehand.
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