Travel guide to Languedoc-Roussillon


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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

You can visit the region all time of the year since the Southern climate ensures that it never gets really cold. The area has some regional winds like la Tramontane and le Mistral but it is rarely uncomfortable.


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Local conditions


Time zone

GMT + 1 hour

Culture and entertainment

Montpellier is the centre for recurring jazz and dance festivals and the like. Montpellier also has alternative music scenes and the more fashionable l'Opéra that houses the more traditional arts. Toulouse is the second biggest University City in France and therefore has an interesting and young cultural life.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are a lot of camping sites all over the area where the climate attracts many campers. There is also a fair amount of hostels and hotels to suit every taste in Montpellier, Béziers, Nîmes, Carcassonne and other of the larger cities. Book your hotel in Languedoc-Roussillon here

Local transport



Taxis can be found in all the major cities and you can go out in the countryside in a taxi, though this might turn out to be an expensive experience.

Other transport

Busses drive to most villages but the time between the departures might be long. Also beware that the busses not always drive on Sundays. In July 2000 a new streetcar opened in Montpellier. Busses drive in the largest cities in the area.
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