Travel guide to Linz


Local name
When it is 12:00 in Great Britain, it is 13:00 in Linz

Best time to visit

Linz can be visited year round but especially the warm months of the year, which encourage the visitor to go for a marvellous bike ride in the surrounding areas, are recommendable.

Culture and entertainment

Klangwolke is a modern music festival, which is held in September. Klangwolke emphasizes the image of Linz as a progressive city.

Accommodation / Hotel

Overnight accommodation at all price ranges can be found in Linz. There are expensive, economic and cheap hotels in the city. Furthermore the city has three hostels and two camping sites. The biggest camping site, Pichlingersee, has 120 places and the far smaller, but also nicer, Pleschinger has 30 spaces. Book your hotel in Linz here

Local transport



There are many taxis in Linz. It is easy to hail a taxi in the street.

Other transport

A company called Donauschiffart offers sailing on the river. It is also possible to rent a bike. Furthermore it is possible to go for a ride on the city express, a small yellow train that drives around the Altestadt every day.
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