Travel guide to Lisbon Coast

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Local name
Number of inhabitants Estoril: 5000 Number of inhabitants Cascais:20.000

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Cascais and Estoril can be visited all year round, but if you want to be certain of summer and the sun keep within the period of May to September/October. The winter can be nice if you want to spend your holiday travelling round the country.

Local conditions


Time zone

At noon (12.00) in Denmark, the time is 11.00 am in Estoril and Cascais.

Culture and entertainment

In Cascais you can listen to some of the best classical concerts in the world. Mostly, this takes place at the Conde Castro Guimaräes Museum.

Accommodation / Hotel

Both cities have many hotels to offer to any price range. Especially Cascais is a popular holiday resort where the large chains of hotels are part of the offer. It is also possible to find cheaper hotels and pensions in the cities. Book your hotel in Lisbon Coast here

Local transport



It is easy to get hold of a taxi in both Cascais and Estoril. The cities have many tourists and so the means of transport are running well. Here they run by the taximeter.

Other transport

Busses leave from both cities to Lisbon and other large cities.
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