Travel guide to Liverpool



Best time to visit

England's weather varies dramatically throughout the year. The winters can be bitterly cold and wet (-4 to about 9 degrees on average). June and July are the best months to travel because it tends to be warmer and drier (usually between 12 and 21 degrees), although English weather is never very predictable. The south coast usually sees the best weather, being milder throughout the year, whilst the North experiences cooler weather. Despite this, the difference in temperature from the north to the south is never more than a few degrees.Liverpool is equally atmospheric all year round. There are less tourists in winter, and the prices are cheaper off season.

Culture and entertainment

There are a great number of nightclubs and bars throughout the city, not to mention cafes and restaurants, which are mostly classy and surprisingly cheap. There is also a Chinatown near the centre. Liverpool has a great live music scene and many of the venues go on well into the night.Hope Street Arts Festival, June, held annually. Plenty to see and do. African Arts and Music, June, held annually in African Oye. The Summer Pops, July, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra take to the King's Dock to play classical music. Mathew Street Festival, July, free party with local and national performers playing the best of the Beatles.

Accommodation / Hotel

There is a very limited supply of central accommodation, just several business oriented 4 star hotels. Many budget hotels can be found along Mount Pleasant and B&Bs and guesthouses are rife in the outskirts. Book your hotel in Liverpool here

Local transport



There are plenty of cabs around the city centre and lots of mini-cab firms. - Contact Mersey Cabs on 0151 298 222.

Other transport

Regular busses can be caught from Queen's Square. All local public transport is co-ordinated by Mersey Transport. - Contact them on 0151 236 7272 Also, catching the famous ferry across the Mersey will set you back around 90p.
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