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Ljubljanski Grad Castle (Ljubljana)
If you succeed in climbing the hill of the castle, you will reach one of Slovenia's most beautiful castles, originally from the 9th century. There is a fantastic view over Ljubljana from the tower of the castle and the city becomes even more beautiful if you visit the castle at sunset where the fog showers the city in beautiful lights of red and gold.
Presernov Square (Ljubljana)
The Italian inspired square of Ljubljana is named after the great Slovenian poet France Preseren (1800-1849), who, among others, wrote the lyrics for the Slovenian national song. The architect Maks Fabiani and the sculptor Ivan Zajc made the sculpture in the middle of the square. It was inaugurated in 1905.
The bridge Zmajski most (Ljubljana)
The dragon bridge was built in the end of the 19th century and was finished in 1901, replacing the old wooden bridge. The bridge is an iron-concrete-construction and was one of the firsts of its kind in Europe. It was decorated by one of Otto Wagner's students, Jurij Zaninovich.
The Cathedral Stolnica (Ljubljana)
The Cathedral of Ljubljana, which has been dedicated to St. Nicolaus, was built in the beginning of the 18th century at a place where there had earlier been a church from the 13th century. The two-towered cathedral got its dome in 1844. Since then, it has been decorated even further, among others on the main door, which is made in bronze.

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