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Château de Chambord castle (Loire Valley)
The castle lies in the Loire-Valley, which is remarkable for its beauty. Francois the First wanted Loire's riverbed rearranged so that his residence would be situated at the bank. His plans were never realised so instead the castle is located in a national park and a sanctuary for swans. The castle has 440 rooms, large ballrooms and beautiful towers. It is open for visitors who wish to feel the atmosphere and grandeur of the earlier days.
The Castle Château de Chinon (Loire Valley)
This was the castle where Jeanne d'Arc came with her holy message of attacking the English. Back then, in its days of glory, the castle was enormous. Now what remains is only a small part of Henri the Second and Charles the Seventh's residences. The castle is situated 50 kilometres southwest from Tours.
The Castle Château de Villandry (Loire Valley)
This beautiful Renaissance castle in the village Villandry approximately 10 kilometres outside Tours is known for its elegant architecture but has a lot more to offer. One example is the castle's beautiful constructed garden, which is worth a visit in itself. It is placed behind walls shaped like horseshoes and has nine different sections. All nine sections are shaped in different geometrical figures and made out of vegetables, flowers and bushes. The castle is closed during the winter from mid November to mid March.
The Riding School Centre national dEquitation (Loire Valley)
In Saumur lies the French army's equivalent of the Spanish riding school in Vienna. During the summer it is possible to see its advanced training when the school opens the doors and let outsiders watch the Cadre Noir horsemen train.

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