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Most of those who have visited and know Madeira find that the island has an almost perfect climate. It is never too cold or too hot. Only during winter the temperature can sometimes drop till under 10 degrees Celsius. If you like the heat go to Madeira in the period of April to October. Limited amounts of rainfalls on Madeira but there can be occasional showers year round.


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At noon (12.00) in Denmark, the time will be 11.00 am on Madeira

Culture and entertainment

Towards the end of April the famous flower festival is held on Madeira. The festival is a colourful spectacle of beautiful flowers, party-clad people singing and dancing. By the end of February the carnival is held which is a festive happening as well. Besides concerts and theatre performances are held all year round on Madeira.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are many four and five star hotels on Madeira. But you can also find pensions and hotels with no stars, which still have fine facilities. These places are usually private family-run rentals. Book your hotel in Madeira Islands here

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Madeira has a well functioning bus system that connects all big and middle sized cities on the island.

Special conditions

Upon arriving to Madeira you see the steep slopes of the mountains and perhaps you will think that hiking is only for the experienced mountain climber. That is not the case. You have not experienced Madeira have you not been hiking in the spectacular landscape and you will find routes accommodated to every physical shape.
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