Travel guide to Manaus


Local name
When it is 12 noon in the UK, it is 6 am in Manaus.

Best time to visit

From January till June there is at least one heavy shower a day and it isn't quite as hot as the rest of the year. From July till December it doesn't rain nearly as much, but it's often about 40 degrees Celsius.

Culture and entertainment

Most bars and restaurants are situated along Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro and Avenida 7 de Setembro close to Placa da Matriz. In June there is a wealth of big and small festivals. The most interesting one is Procissao Fluvial de Sao Pedro. Here hundreds of different barges parade past Manaus to celebrate the fishermen's saint Sao Pedro. In the old colony building Palácio Rio Negro there are often cultural events.

Accommodation / Hotel

Manaus' hotels have a worse reputation than in the rest of Brazil. At the cheapest hotels, in particular, things disappear from the rooms, while the guests are away. There are plenty of hotels in Manaus. A lot of them houses people, who have come to Manaus mainly to shop like crazy in the taxfree Zona Fraca. Some of the hotels close to the sea have rooms with a view of life on the river. Rooms with aircondition cost extra, but are absolutely worth considering. Book your hotel in Manaus here

Local transport



Taxies in Manaus are expensive and the drivers have everything else than a good reputation. Very often they will attempt to charge unreasonably high fares, great detours and other tricks to get your money. Look one more time for a bus, before you take a taxi.

Other transport

The bus service in Manaus is reliable.

Special conditions

Avoid walking at the harbour late at night, as this will easily get you into trouble. Note that Manaus is a malaria risk area.
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