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Musée des Docks Roman (Marseille)
The things left behind by the Romans can be seen among other places at Marseille's port. The roman harbour was discovered when German bombs in 1943 displayed the exciting ruins from Antiquity. The ruins can be seen at this museum.
The Church Basilique Saint Victor (Marseille)
The oldest church in the city in many ways resembles a fort. The saint the church is named after died as a martyr crushed between to millstones. The church was built in his memory. For a small amount you can visit the crypt and the catacombs below the church.
The Fortification Château dIf (Marseille)
The island situated 20 minutes by boat from Marseille was the centre of the story " The count of Monte Christo" written by Alexander Dumas. The fortification was used as a prison and nobody ever escaped in real life. The largest part of the prisoners was locked up here for political or religious reasons. Most of the prisoners ended up crazy or dead as a result of the confinement on this dark rock island.

Area and city attractions

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